The Community Choreography Project


Supporting our Mission

In the age of COVID-19

In March 2020, Allied Motion, like other arts organizations around the country saw its spring season collapse. Rehearsals were suspended, school programs cancelled, fall performances put indefinitely on hold. In the wake of the blow we asked ourselves how we could maintain our mission



and the Community Choreography Project was born.

A call went out on social media - would our followers and supporters join us in creating material for a new piece? Based on a series of tasks, Allied Motion asked everyone - dancers and non-dancers alike to interpret words into movement, record to video and share with us.

The Project is still going on.

We encourage you to view the tasks and submit to our social media channels or directly through email.

We also encourage you to tune in to the Central PA Theatre and Dance Festival, June 19 - 21, where will present some of our submissions and a short documentary about the project as it stands today.


Can you move? You can dance!

View the tasks by clicking the pictures. You'll see the complete task list and instructions on how to submit.         Tel: 814-327-4708

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© 2019 Caitlin Osborne. Photography courtesy of Gary Baranec.