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© 2019 Caitlin Osborne. Photography courtesy of Gary Baranec.

    Day of Dance FAQ

    What age dancers are invited to attend?  How many can I bring?

    The workshops are geared for ages 12 - 18. If you have younger or older dancers who would regularly perform in your adjudication piece, please contact the festival organizers. There is no specific limit on the number of dancers who can attend from each studio. However, please keep in mind that you are expected to provide supervision to your own dancers while on site.  

    How much does it cost?

    In 2019, cost was $13 per dancer, which included a full day of classes and workshops, plus admission to the concert. Adjudication was $25 per dance. Studio faculty may attend free of charge. 


    What sort of supervision is provided to participants?

    There will be ample staff in the workshops and throughout the facility, to answer questions, help direct dancers, and keep the festival running smoothly. HOWEVER, participating studios are expected to have faculty and volunteers on site at all times, in case dancers need more intensive help. Dancers MAY NOT LEAVE the facility on their own.

    Where is Day of Dance taking place?

    All classes and workshops will be held in the Misciagna Family Center for the Performing Arts, on the campus of Penn State Altoona. The only workshop that will take place outside of that building is the site specific choreography. Weather permitting, this workshop will take place immediately outside in the courtyard. If weather is unfavorable, we will move the workshop to another location on the campus.

    What do we eat while we're there?

    There will be no concessions available on campus available during the day. Local options are not within walking distance. All dancers should plan to bring snacks, pack lunches/dinners, or have meals brought by parents/etc. There are two water stations where dancers can refill bottles.

    What do we wear?

    Dancers should come ready to dance, in appropriate attire, with hair pulled back from faces. Tap shoes are required for the tap workshop. Dancers should bring ballet or jazz shoes, which can be used for Scottish Highland and/or Latin dance. Dancers participating in the site specific piece should have outdoor shoes that will stay put (not flip flops, etc.). Please leave jewelry and valuables at home. There are no dressing rooms in the facility.

    What do we bring?

    A water bottle, extra hair ties, and snacks. A yoga mat or towel. An inquisitive mind, a vast supply of physical energy, and an openness to ideas and people!

    I have a lot of questions about adjudication....?

    Please feel free to contact Caitlin Osborne (; 814-574-3740) or KT Huckabee (; 814-327-4708) to discuss adjudication. We are very excited about the concert and will be happy to chat!