Day of Dance 2019 Workshops

Scottish Highland Dance

Sian Packard

Scottish Highland dance is a traditional form of dance reflecting the culture and history of Scotland.  This athletic dance form develops strength, stamina, and flexibility.  Highland dance positions and movements are similar to ballet.  Proper technique focuses on a strong core and coordination.  Students will be introduced to traditional dances and the history each dance conveys.  An energetic class fueled by bagpipe music to bring out the Celtic spirit of dance in everyone! 

Latin Dance Styling

Caitlin Osborne

Latin partner dances - mambo, chacha, and merengue - have left their mark on jazz and modern dance for the past 100 years. With the rise of televised dance reality shows such as SYTYCD and Dancing with the Stars, a new generation has seen these exciting dances on stage.  What are the hallmarks of the Latin style?  How can you dance them (or choreograph them) more effectively? Learn some basic patterns, focus on the hips and shoulders, and experience the most recent import from the Dominican Republic - the bachata!

Tap Improvisation

Ana Rossi Lanzendorfer

What is tap?  Tap is rhythm!  Tappers from beginner to advanced are welcome in this workshop where we will practice hearing rhythms, manipulating them, layering them, and laying them down.   

Lessons from Modern Masters

Bethany Miller

Many dancers have experienced modern dance, but few can define it.  In this workshop, we will learn movement that comes from the early modern masters, teachers who built technique to suit their individual choreographic visions.  Graham, Horton, Duncan, Limón - each of these pioneers moved in distinct ways, and now you will too.


Jamie Roth

Strength.  Flexibility.  Stability.  Flow.  Focus.  Breath.  Yoga training has exploded in recent years as individuals from all walks of life discover its benefits for both body and mind.  This introductory class will teach basic principles and positions - no prior experience required.  A limited number of yoga mats are available for participants, so if you have your own, please bring it to class.

How to Talk to Your Lighting Designer

Jessica Molina

Don't know a Gobo from a BOGO?  Curious about what a "special" really is?  Wish you knew why you can't get quite the "look" you're looking for?  Join everyone's favorite stage manager, Jess Molina, as she takes you through a quick tour of the lighting system in the Wolf Kuhn Theater and answers these questions and more.

Belly Dance

Jacinda Li

Belly dancing is an art form that originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions as a dance of celebration that brings communities of people together. Today, belly dance is enjoyed throughout the world.  It is fun, non-competitive, and great for all ages, shapes, and sizes. This beginner workshop will introduce some basic moves, music, and history and cultural influences of belly dance. No dance experience is necessary! Come try out a new way of moving and get a taste of this beautiful art form!

Contact Improvisation

KT Huckabee and Ana Rossi Lanzendorfer

Improvisation is about responding to your environment and to other dancers. Eventually, that response can lead to physical contact, weight share, and even full lifts.  Contact improvisation begins with an understanding of weight, a partner you can trust, and a spirit of exploration.  What comes next is up to you!

Ballet History for Beginners

Caitlin Osborne

Pointe shoes.  Turn out.  All that FRENCH!  Ever wonder where all that comes from? Join Caitlin Osborne for a whirlwind tour of the past 500 years and discover the rich and colorful history of ballet.  You may never look at a pas de basque the same way again!


Karlie Esworthy

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art disguised as dance! In this workshop you will learn the foundational movements of Capoeira Angola and the history of the art. Participants will also play a Capoeira game and learn some of the traditional songs. 

So You Want to Dance in College...

Caitlin Osborne

Many high school students see their "senior solo" as a swan song.  Will they ever dance again?  But even those who know that a dance major is not a practical or realistic choice can continue to experience the art they love in college and beyond.  In this sit-down session, Caitlin Osborne will unpack the options, from recreational to academic, and answer questions about degrees, classes, and clubs.

Expressive Movement for Education and Therapy

Bethany Miller

All dancers know that dancing can lift their mood and help their personal growth. But what do you know about the world of dance therapy?  Dance therapy is a growing field which recognizes that expressive movement can aid in mental health. Join Bethany Miller as she describes her educational path and current profession and leads participants through exercises designed to illuminate this fascinating field.

Site Specific Choreography

KT Huckabee and Allied Motion Dance Company

Hey, everybody! Let's make a dance! Site specific choreography uses the unique 

elements of an environment and asks dancers to respond to the site's architecture, history, and function.  Tapping into the group's creativity, this improvisation-based piece will be performed for all conference attendees immediately following the end of the workshop session.         Tel: 814-327-4708

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© 2019 Caitlin Osborne. Photography courtesy of Gary Baranec.