Day of Dance 2019 Adjudication

Day of Dance models its adjudication process on that of the American College Dance Association. Participation in the ACDA adjudication concerts has proved a valuable experience for the faculty and students of Penn State Altoona, and the adjudication concert at Day of Dance is designed to extend a similar experience to younger dancers.

Participating studios may present one or more short pieces in the adjudication concert.  They will then gather for a feedback session with the three members of the adjudication panel, KT Huckabee, Bethany Miller, and Caitlin Osborne.  Adjudicators respond to the work in terms of choreography, execution, and artistic relevance, basing comments on an educational model that looks for a nuanced analysis of the dance.  The session is intended to be developmental - rather than judging a dance or its performers, the adjudicators attempt to draw out the meaning and intent of the dance and help the choreographer and dancers refine their understanding and performance.

Studios registering dancers for the festival may place one piece on the adjudication concert.  They may also request a second slot for adjudication, subject to space.  Studios will be notified no later than June 14, 2019 if their request for a second slot can be accommodated. There is an adjudication fee of $25 per piece.

Adjudication pieces may be no more than five minutes in length, including any time used to set or strike the dance.  Each dance will receive a short tech period in the afternoon during the festival where dancers may run the piece for spacing and the choreographer may give notes to the technical director and stage manager.  Each dance is limited to four light cues, including final blackout.  Choreographers will be required to submit a technical specification form to Day of Dance no later than June 21, 2019. 

Pieces presented for adjudication may be choreographed by studio faculty or by students.  It is expected that faculty will not perform as part of adjudication.         Tel: 814-327-4708

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© 2019 Caitlin Osborne. Photography courtesy of Gary Baranec.